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    Feedstuffs are the basis for the production of safe foodstuffs of animal origin. Despite the low water activity (aw), however, compound feed can always be contaminated with pathogenic germs. The highest risk for contamination of feed is from Salmonella spp. Special components, such as meal from oi...



    Losses in the farrowing unit normally occur during the first seven days of life as piglets are born with nearly no immune protection. The intake of immunoglobulins out of colostrum therefore is of vital importance. Besides cleanliness and special feeding,piglet survivalcan be enhanced by two...

    標簽: 雞卵黃免疫球蛋白 仔豬存活率



    Management.This may be rather obvious, but it cannot be overemphasized how important hygiene and management are in creating an environment for maximal post-weaning performance. Increased biosecurity, an aggressive farm-specific disease prevention program, improved pig/human flow and continuo...

    標簽: 斷奶后仔豬順利進食



    Feeding piglets after weaning remains a challenge for most producers, and the reasons for post-weaning anorexia are many and complex. The general consensus is that weaned pigs do not eat because of radical changes in their feeding behavior, and feed form and composition after weaning. Before weani...

    標簽: 斷奶仔豬順利進食



    Modern pig production has some major challenges. Pressure on cost price is and will remain a decisive factor to survive as a farmer. More recently, human concerns on antibiotic resistance resulted in pressure to significantly reduce antibiotic use in pig production. Another human health issue is t...

    標簽: 乳酸發酵飼料 養豬



    Diarrhea is a reoccurring problem in young animals, and even under good conditions farms will lose piglets during rearing. Plant-derived feed components containing high fiber content are well-discussed in animal husbandry because of their potential to prevent diarrhea. The feed industry is focusin...

    標簽: 果膠功效 仔豬腸道健康



    1、Define the animals that will receive the formulated feed. 定義需要飼料配方的動物 Asking a nutritionist to prepare a broiler formula is like asking an architect to design a house, that is, without any further qualifications. Animal species is never enough. We need to define animal wei...

    標簽: 飼料配方



    Most universities explain feed formulation in a session or two, and then only superficially as any in-depth analysis requires hands-on experience; feed formulation laboratories are a rare thing! As such, most graduates with a degree in animal or veterinary sciences have but a vague idea how a feed...

    標簽: 動物飼料配方



    For its latest World Mycotoxin Survey, Biomin conducted more than 33,000 analyses on 8,452 finished feed and raw commodity samples from 63 countries from January to June 2017. These analyses covered common components used for feed such as corn, wheat, barley, rice, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, ...

    標簽: 霉菌毒素



    The directorate-general for health and safety of the European Commission is requesting stakeholders' opinions on the 2003 regulation on additives for use in animal nutrition in the European Union (EU). 歐盟委員會衛生與安全總局正在要求利益相關者就2003年關于歐盟(EU)動物營養添加劑法規的意見。 ...

    標簽: 飼料添加劑立法

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